Specialising in creating films for social media.

Specialising in creating films for social media.


C2 PRODUCES Edgy, creative and highly engaging BRAND FILMS IN MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY.

At C2, we provide a 'run and gun' style of videography in Sydney and Melbourne. We work in crews of one or two and travel light, thinking on our feet and often creating concepts on the go. We've worked alongside some of Australia's leading companies often producing films that are readily available only hours after the event.

We explore the uniqueness of your brand and voice. We know it cannot be defined by copy or photography alone. We know you have a limited time to capture and hold your customers attention, that is why our films push the boundaries of creativity.

Working with Australia's leading brands.


Capture your event with our app Capture Too.

Your event from a different perspective, the essence of the event captured by the people that matter most...your guests.

Captured Uniquely. Edited professionally.