C2 Brand Films
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Our one mission is to create the most incredible content for your brand

Our team of professional videographers produce unique promotional brand videos, learning your business from the inside out to create content that truly speaks to who you are as a company. Based in Melbourne and Sydney, we undergo comprehensive pre-production planning to ensure we meet every requirement, then we combine our technical and creative expertise to deliver your story in a captivating and impactful way. No two businesses are the same. That’s why our video production services encapsulate a range of industries and styles that are expertly tailored to the personality of your business.


Fashion - Video marketing is the most strategic and engaging way to present your designs. Capture the movement and flow of garments, the functionality of apparel products and communicate your unique brand personality.

Food + Beverage - We capture high-quality video content that showcases every detail, from colour and texture of food to carefully branded beverages, bringing your audience to the table. We use a range of techniques, including overhead shots, slow motion and seamless editing to present your creations in the most authentic and vibrant way.

Retail - We’re not just any video production company, we focus on the finer details and put your products in the spotlight. We work with a wide range of brands, including retailers, chains and wholesalers to create engaging, original and persuasive content.

Lifestyle - Our lifestyle videos offer high-quality visual content that ignites the spark of adventure in your audience. We capture moments between colleagues that depicts a story; and with different angles and focuses we create a narrative that speaks to who you are as a business.



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